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(317) 398-5303.

Please note, all appointments require a physician referral.

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Interventional Pain Care

In recent years there has been a greater awareness and understanding of chronic pain as well as an increase in services to effectively control it.  Persistent pain, whatever its origin, can have a debilitating effect on a person's life. The emotional frustrations associated with pain can be as devastating as the physical discomfort.  

Major Hospital is committed to making sure patients are as comfortable as possible.  Once referred to one of our highly trained pain management specialists, a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s chronic pain issues is conducted and a treatment plan is developed. 

The plan may include various pharmacological and other techniques including:

  • epidural block
  • joint injections
  • nerve and trigger point blocks
  • implantable pumps
  • nerve stimulators

Meet our Pain Specialists:

Andrew Trobridge, M.D.

Nurse Practitioners:
Jena Abel, FNP, BC
Angelia Huffmeyer, FNP, BC

To contact us please call (317) 398-5303.  Please note, all appointments require a physician referral.


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